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Hours: Noon to 7pm - Everyday

Living Canvas Tattoo Parlour supports the freedom of expression. We don't believe that art is only meant for a wall. We find beauty in the human form and like artists of any medium, we find beauty in life. The name Living Canvas is derived from the idea that people are walking, breathing, living canvas' themselves and that tattoos are an art form which deserve to be done beautifully and with respect to our clients and to the muse...
We believe in the natural beauty of life and that is why we are vegan friendly!


Living Canvas, A History

          Living Canvas Tattoo Parlour has been in operation since March of 2013. Originally on the corner of Kipling and Bowles for three years before moving to the current location. The shop uses Fusion and Eternal ink, which is organic in material and contains no metals, plastics or animal by-products - vegan friendly.

Specializing in custom tattoos, Living Canvas strives to create a tattoo that fits the client's personality and style.

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